REGULATIONS OF THE B2B PPH Milena Export - Import Małgorzata Karpińska, Paweł Salski


§ 1.



1.       In this document, the following terms shall be understood as:

a)       Regulations:  these Regulations;

b)      Seller: PPH Milena Export - Import Małgorzata Karpińska, Paweł Salski nip 7282827084
Address: Rzemieślnicza 20  Rzgów, telephone:
 +42 2278875 , e-mail address ;

c)       Customer:  a natural person who is over 18 years of age and has full legal capacity, a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, but able to acquire rights and incur obligations on its own behalf, conducting business or professional activity on its own behalf, which has established legal relationship with the Seller in the scope of the Store's activities or is in the process of establishing it,

d)      Store: an online store located on the website and its subpages,

e)      Account:  the Customer's account, set up by him in the Store and marked with an individual name (login) and password provided by the Customer,

f)        Consumer - a person defined in the provision 221 of  the Civil Code.

2.       The Regulations define the terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services, including the use of the Store and the rights, obligations and terms of liability of the Seller and the Customer. 

3.       As part of the Store, only wholesale is carried out. Consequently, the regulations do not apply in relations with Consumers and are not addressed to those entrepreneurs who would conclude sales contracts as part of the Store, the content of which would imply that they are not of a professional nature for them. Such entrepreneurs are not entitled to submit an offer to set up an Account in the Store.

4.       The Regulations are available on the Store's website.

5.       For contracts concluded as part of the store, only the Regulations apply. In legal relations concluded with the Seller, general terms and conditions of contracts (sales, deliveries or similar) or regulations applied by Customers do not apply.


§ 2.



1.       The Seller offers services provided electronically in the form of setting up and maintaining an Account, under which it is possible for the Customers to: conclude via the Internet contracts for the sale of goods in the Store's assortment for the prices listed on its subpages, adding goods from the Store's assortment to the clipboard, browsing order history. The Seller provides electronic services in accordance with the Regulations.

2.       The services covered by the operation of the Store are not addressed to Consumers as well as to natural persons who would conclude an agreement with the Seller as part of the Store, directly related to their business activity, but when the content of this agreement would also imply that it is not of a professional nature for that person . By establishing an Account maintenance agreement, the Customer must declare that the sales agreements he intends to implement in connection with the Account maintenance agreement will be of a professional nature for him. This declaration will condition the Seller's acceptance of the Customer's offer to set up an Account in accordance with § 3 para. 1 of the Regulations.

3.       The technical condition for using the Store is that the Customer has a computer or other device that allows browsing the Internet, appropriate software (including a web browser), Internet access and a current and active e-mail account.

4.       Customers are prohibited from providing illegal content.

5.       Using the Store may involve risks typical of using the Internet, such as spam, viruses, hacker attacks. Customers should use appropriate technical measures to minimize the above-mentioned threats, including anti-virus programs and programs protecting the identity of Internet users.

6.       The conclusion of the contract for the provision of electronic services takes place via the Store via the Internet. The Customer may terminate the use of the services electronically by deleting the Account. In this case, the contract for the provision of electronic services is terminated automatically without the need to submit additional statements by the parties.

7.       It is not possible to use the Store anonymously or using a pseudonym.

8.       Information on the processing of personal data is included in the Privacy Policy.


§ 3.



1.       Account registration on the Store's website is free of charge and requires the Customer to click on the "Create an account" field. Then, the Customer should complete the registration form by providing the required data and by selecting the "register" field, submit an offer to set up an Account in the Store. The account is then verified by the employees of the Store. Data for the first login are usually provided after verification within 1 business day. Verification does not take longer than 3 working days after sending the offer to set up an Account by the Customer. Within this period, if the Seller accepts the Customer's offer, the Account will be activated. After the Customer receives the relevant data entitling to log in, an agreement for maintaining an Account in the Store is concluded with the Customer.

2.       Logging into the Account consists in entering the Customer's login and password set by the Customer. The password is confidential and should not be shared with anyone.

3.       The account entitles to place orders in the Store. In addition, the Account allows the Customer to enter or modify data, place and check Orders and view Order history.

4.       If the requirements set by the Store are not met, the Customer's account may not be registered.

5.       The Account Agreement is provided free of charge for an indefinite period.

6.       The Customer may resign from the Store Account at any time by sending a relevant request to the Seller by e-mail to the following address: or in writing to the Seller's address.


§ 4.



1.       The content presented on the Store's website, in particular announcements, advertisements, price lists and other information, does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 and 66 1  of the Civil Code, but an invitation to submit offers.

2.       A detailed description of the goods can be found on the appropriate subpage of the Store.

3.       Orders may be placed only after concluding an Account maintenance agreement.

4.       When placing an order, the customer is obliged to carefully fill out the purchase form, providing all data in accordance with the facts and specifying the selected method of payment and delivery.

5.       Orders in the Store can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6.       By placing an order, the Customer submits a binding offer to purchase the Goods at the prices specified in the Order.

7.       The Seller, after receiving the order, will send the Customer to the e-mail address provided by the Customer information about the acceptance of the offer. Confirmation of acceptance of the order is the Seller's declaration of acceptance of the offer.

8.       The Customer acknowledges that in the case of the sale of certain goods, the quantity of which is limited, the execution of orders depends on the availability of the ordered goods and the order in which the order is received by the Seller.

9.       If the execution of the order turns out to be impossible or encounters far-reaching difficulties, the Seller may offer the Customer:

a)       canceling the entire order (choosing this option by the Customer releases the Seller from the obligation to complete the order).

b)      canceling the order in the part in which its implementation is not possible within a reasonable time (the choice of this option by the Customer releases the Seller from the execution of the order in the specified scope).

10.     The order processing time (i.e. the period preceding the shipment of the goods) is up to 7 working days, unless the product description says otherwise.


§ 5.



1.       All prices of the Goods given in the Store are net prices in Polish zlotys (without VAT). The price of the Goods does not include the costs referred to in paragraph 2 below.

2.       The costs related to the delivery of the goods are borne by the Customer. The amount of these costs may depend on the choice of the Customer as to the method of delivery of the Goods. Information on the amount of these costs is provided at the stage of placing the order.

3.       The customer can choose the following payment methods:

a)       Bank transfer - payment before shipment of the Goods (prepayment). After placing the Order, the Customer should pay/transfer the amount due to the Store's bank account. The Order is processed after the Customer's payment is credited to the Store's bank account.

b)      Cash on delivery - payment upon receipt of the Goods (cash on delivery) - the Customer pays the amount due directly upon receipt of the Goods from the carrier. The order is processed after confirming the order. The download option is available only to a selected group of customers. The Seller is entitled to request the Customer to change this form of payment in justified cases.

c)       Przelewy24  - payment before shipment of the Goods (prepayment). After placing the Order, the Customer should make the payment via the Przelewy24 electronic payment system, in accordance with the provisions of the Przelewy24 regulations. The order is processed after the Customer's payment is credited to the Przelewy24 electronic payment system.

4.       The Customer agrees to the Seller's use of electronic invoices in settlements within the meaning of the Act of March 11, 2004 on tax on goods and services.

5.       The customer is obliged to pay within 3 days from the date of concluding the sales contract, unless the selected method of payment requires a different deadline. No payment in results in the Seller's right to terminate the contract for the sale of goods.


§ 6.



1.       The goods are sent to the address indicated by the Customer.

2.       The product is delivered by courier. Shipping via a courier company should be delivered within 1-3 business days from the date of shipment of the Goods in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The cost and date of foreign delivery must be the subject of individual arrangements between the parties.

3.       It is reserved that:

a)       upon delivery of the goods to the Customer or the carrier, the benefits and burdens related to the goods and the risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods are transferred to the Customer;

b)      acceptance of the shipment with the goods by the Customer without reservations results in the expiry of claims for loss or damage in transport, unless:

·         the damage was stated in a protocol before accepting the shipment;

·       such statement was omitted due to the fault of the carrier;

·       the loss or damage resulted from the carrier's willful misconduct or gross negligence;

·       the damage, which cannot be noticed from the outside, was found by the authorized person after accepting the consignment and within 7 days demanded to determine its condition and proved that the damage occurred between accepting the consignment for transport and its delivery.


§ 7.



1.       The Seller's liability under the warranty is excluded.

2.       The Seller's liability for damages does not include lost profits and is limited to the value of the goods purchased by the Customer.

3.       If it is found that the shipment with the goods is damaged, has suffered a loss or damage in transit, the Customer should immediately (not later than within 7 days from the date of receipt of the shipment) file a complaint with the carrier. The Customer undertakes to the Seller to verify the condition of the shipment each time in the presence of the carrier and to draw up a damage report with the participation of the carrier in the event of an obvious damage to the shipment.

§ 8.



1.       The Customer should send complaints to the Seller's address in writing to the Seller's address or by e-mail to .

2.       The complaint should contain a detailed description of the problem and the content of the Customer's request.

3.       The Seller undertakes to consider the complaint within 30 days.

§ 9.



All logos, names, graphic designs, videos, texts, forms, scripts, source codes, passwords, trademarks, photos presented in the Store are protected by law and belong to the Seller, producer or distributor of goods or other authorized entity. Downloading, copying, modifying, reproducing, sending or distributing any content from the website without the consent of the relevant rights holder is prohibited.

§ 10.



1.       In matters not covered by the Regulations, the relevant provisions of generally applicable law shall apply in legal relations with Customers.

2.       The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations, with the proviso that contracts concluded before the change of the Regulations shall be governed by the version of the Regulations in force at the time of placing the order. In order to be effective, the amendment to the Regulations requires making its content available to the Customer, who will be entitled to terminate the contract for maintaining the Account in the event of non-acceptance of the changes to the Regulations.

3.       The court competent to settle the dispute between the parties will be the court competent for the seat of the Seller.

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